Meetings at The St. Regis Florence

Piazza Ognissanti 1  •  50123 Florence  •  IT  •  Phone: ‎(39)(055) 27161
Contact: Debora Zombi,, Banquet Manager

The cradle of Renaissance

Florence, jewel of the renaissance, a city embracing its historic past while remaining a cultural leader in food, fashion and arts. A stay at the St. Regis Florence puts you in the center of enchantment, right at the Arno river and only minutes away from the "Ponte Vecchio", most famous arch bridge in Florence, noted for still having shops built along it, as it was once common.

In 1982, the historic centre of Florence was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The medieval walls built in the 14th century surround the center of the city. The River Arno, which cuts through the old part of the city, is as much a character in Florentine history as many of the people who lived here. It is the second most important river of central Italy after the Tiber river in Rome.


Originally built in 1432 by Filippo Brunelleschi, as an artistic palace on the banks of the Arno river, the St. Regis lays in the heart of Florence, offering unrivalled immersion into the cradle of Renaissance. Recognized as one of the top luxury hotels in Europe, the exquisitely opulent, uncompromising St. Regis Florence is offering stunning views of the city's most famous landmarks, the world famous Ponte Vecchio and Tuscany.
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Florence is known as the "cradle of renaissance" - la culla del Rinascimento, for its monuments, churches and buildings. Best known sites are the domed cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as The Duomo, built by Filippo Brunelleschi. It was begun in 1296 and completed structurally 1436. The exterior is faced with polychrome marble panes in various shades of green, pink and white and has an elaborate 19th century Gothic revival façade. The basilica is one of the largest in Italy and with the complex of the Baptistery and the Giotto's Campanile part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.